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June 15, 2018by Juli Rose

Desktop software and Software as a Service (SaaS) brought a quantum leap in productivity for the way architects, engineers, and builders do business, and those who work with them. But technology changes rapidly, and when it does, what worked yesterday can become antiquated almost overnight.

When we built e-PlanREVIEW® (EPR), this reality was always at the front of our conscience.

We understand some markets are more closed-off than others, and in those cases, something like e-PlanCheck® (ePC) may suit those more private needs. But if you want to win government contracts, work with outside firms on multiple developments, or trust external construction managers, subcontractors, architect and engineers, you need to be able to collaborate on real-time.

Cloud Application vs Web Application

Perhaps the greatest thing about the arrival of ‘The Cloud’ is the rise in web-based software being developed. No longer does each user on a complex development project have to purchase costly software that will require new subscriptions or new software per software update per member of your team.

In cloud application, the data and the majority of the compute cycles happens in a cloud data center. Features like multi tenancy, security, backup and disaster recovery, integration with other systems are necessary and expected in cloud applications. The cloud applications can be installed on a public or private cloud and accessed there.

Web application, on the other hand, is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet or intranet through a browser interface. Web browsers share some of the same characteristics of cloud applications, they are located somewhere else and are accessible from almost anywhere. Most of web applications are limited by scalability and availability.

Cloud computing allows for highly-specialized software to operate on a web-based platform accessible to everyone, at the same time and in real-time. Boosting efficiency and collaboration across project teams. Let’s dig a little deeper to show how this might benefit your industry.



Cloud-Based Applications Are Here to Stay

While what we said from the beginning holds true about technology changing rapidly and quickly becoming outdated, it’s different with cloud-based applications. That’s because the cloud is now the basis on which technology operates. With the adoption of cloud-based applications, government officials and businesses are free to focus on the strategic core issues underlying each project and the priorities that matter.

It ensures instant connectivity and communication, two vital factors in design, construction, and development. We’ve sought to deliver that with EPR, and invite you to contact us for a quote or more details.

Why ePlanREVIEW®


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