Electronic plan review software allows plan checkers and inspectors the ability to add their comments, markups and digital stamps onto plans saved in PDF, TIF or other common file formats. Beyond the markup functionality, however, these legacy products differ only slightly – and many do not properly handle document versioning and are completely disconnected from an agency’s permit system. With electronic plan review products that are entirely desktop based – or that rely on some desktop components – reviewer’s comments are often not fully searchable, making collaboration between permitting departments more difficult; they often lack integrated workflow capabilities as well.

At e-PlanSoft™, we know that markup software by itself does not fully meet the needs of a permit department so, in addition to our web-based, custom-built and patented markup review software, we providemust-have tools that go above and beyond those found in other products.

Founded by award winning architects and engineers, and developed with input from retired building officials, our e-PlanCheck (EPC) application is proving to be the ‘go-to solution’ for small and large permitting agencies nationwide.

How is e-PlanCheck different than what we are using now?

One of the most significant differences is that EPC runs directly in your web browser– so there is no software to install.

  • Because EPC is web-based, multiple plan checkers can conduct their reviews on the same plans concurrently and see sketches, measurements and comments made by other staff on screen in real time.
  • There is no need to upload and download plans and supporting documents from FTP sites, and EPC fully manages resubmittals to ensure that the most recent versions are being used for reviews.
  • All previously drawn markups and open comments are automatically saved in a database and carried forward from the earlier submittals to the most current plan, providing real time visibility to all departments.

Does e-PlanCheck connect to our Permitting Software?

Yes. EPC can connect to most permitting applications and to the Citizen Access Portals that allow applicants to submit their plan check applications over the Internet. If your current permit software does not include a public portal, contact us for more information about adding the E-PLAN Citizen Portal for your community.

What markup tools are available?

Our custom-built markup tools provide rectangles, polygons, circles, clouds, line tools, freehand sketches, color selectors, opacity settings, panning, zooming, line, area, angle and radii measurements, electronic stamps and auto-numbered comment tags. Overlay and side-by-side comparisons tools are built directly into the system – and users retain full use of markups tools while comparing documents. Users can hide or display individual layers for the comments, sketches, stamps, measurement and even show or hide closed (resolved) comments. EPC’s thumbnail viewer makes finding and opening multiple documents at once simple and efficient. EPC now supports digital certificates as well.

How are the review comments added and how are they stored?

In EPC, adding comments is taken to the next level because all data is stored – not in a text box – but in a searchable database. All project comments can be filtered by department, discipline, and reviewer – among many other options.

Can we Import our Checklists and Standard Comments?

In EPC, entire checklists and standard comments can be uploaded into the Standard Comment Library where they can be filtered and grouped by discipline and project type. Plan checkers can perform keyword searches on these comments, apply custom filters and even save their searches as ‘Favorites’ for re-use.

Can I create Custom Correction Reports by Department and Discipline?

Yes. EPC allows staff to run custom Correction Reports that can be created with one mouse-click. Not only that, but each line item includes the corresponding sheet number and comment tag number for easy reference. This design ensures that only the specific comments that must be addressed are returned to the Applicant for corrections.

E-PlanSoft™ offers a suite of on premise and cloud-hosted solutions for a variety of industries who conduct plan reviews or quality assurance reviews. Our patented applications allow instant, secure access to project documents 24/7 via your web-browser.

About e-PlanSoft™

Located in Southern California, e-PlanSoft™ was founded by principals of an award-winning Architectural-Engineering firm with decades of plan review and inspection experience in the construction design industry. Our patented and feature-rich products promote systems integration and significantly reduce the costs associated with paper plan reviews, which protects the environment by reducing carbon waste and allows agency’s to better manage their staff and workloads.