FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Irvine, CA: On July 9, 2019, Fremont City Council approved the three-year agreement between the City and e-PlanSoft™, Inc. for the use of e-PlanSoft’s electronic plan check cloud-based system, e-PlanREVIEW®. Once signed, the City and e-PlanSoft™ jumped into action and gathered the teams for a kick-off event in the City of Fremont, California to reaffirm their partnership and to launch the implementation project of e-PlanREVIEW®, the ultimate plan review management system to the City’s team of specialists.

The City of Fremont is home to over 231,000 people and it is the fourth most populous city in the Bay Area. e-PlanREVIEW® will help the City meet its goal of transitioning away from heavy and waste intense traditional paper plans to waste-free and publicly accessible digital plans greatly enhancing the transparency of development activity to the general public.

Photo of the City of Fremont Plan Room

The task of redesigning the City of Fremont plan room is currently underway. Implementation of this new EPR has begun and it will significantly help reduce the paper storage needs for their permitting office.

The Accela Civic Platform is currently integrated with the EPR technology, which enables citizens to look up permitting information, check the status of a permit, request a building inspection, and submit a complaint to the City’s Code Enforcement division if needed.

Feature-rich and designed to increase efficiency, the e-PlanREVIEW® software will help the City reach their building goals.

  1. Efficient plan review turnaround time with multi-user access
  2. Workflow tracking and email notifications that aid in project management
  3. Real-time collaboration with commenting features
  4. Integration capabilities with other software

Both the City of Fremont and e-PlanSoft™ look forward to a quick and successful implementation and training period with the public launch of e-PlanREVIEW® happening shortly after the holiday season.


About Fremont, California

Located on the southeast side of the San Francisco Bay, Fremont is a city of over 231,000 people with an area of 90-square miles, making it the fourth most populous city in the Bay Area and California’s 15th largest city. Fremont is located within Alameda County.

With its moderate climate and its proximity to major universities, shopping areas, recreation, and cultural activities, employment centers, major airports, and the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, Fremont captures metropolitan living at its best.

About e-PlanSoft™

e-PlanSoft™ develops cloud-based electronic document review software that assists governmental agencies, construction and manufacturing industries, developers and owners for their plan review, design review, product review, construction and asset review management in real-time.

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