Irvine, CA – March 7, 2018

e-PlanSoft™ is excited to announce that the City of Roseville has implemented an electronic plan review program utilizing e-PlanCheck® (EPC). Roseville has adopted this program in an effort to streamline the plan submittal process, reduce paper waste and the expense and inconvenience of printing and shipping multiple copies of construction documents. e-PlanCheck will allow concurrent reviews by Roseville staff, significantly reducing review turnaround times, and will support a consolidated corrections list that clients can use to track and respond to comments. It will also facilitate more complete and comprehensive plan check comments as well as provide feedback on areas where submittals are consistently in need of correction or focus.

Roseville currently uses the Accela Civic Platform as its dedicated back office system, and leverages the dynamic integration between Accela and e-PlanCheck to provide complete, end-to-end paperless permitting.

With this integrated permitting and plan review system applicants will be able to:

  • Apply for Building, Engineering, Planning, and Fire System permits online anytime
  • Save time and money by submitting documents and plans online electronically
  • Pay permit fees and deposits online
  • Monitor the progress of their project’s plan review online
  • Receive consolidated comments from City plan review staff electronically

About Roseville, CA  

Located in Placer County, Roseville is 16 miles from the state capital, Sacramento. What started as a town developed by miners from the Gold Rush has blossomed into a thoroughly developed city with an estimated population of 128,382. Roseville’s diverse economy allows the city to thrive with businesses ranging from technology, healthcare, agriculture and financial services. The City has an abundance of outdoor activities including Lake Tahoe, Folsom Lake, a variety of park and recreation programs, and the fine wineries of Napa and Placer County.

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