ePlanSoft Review

One Solution for All Electronic Plan Review Purposes

  Design REVIEW for designers
  Constructability REVIEW for construction managers
  Plan Check REVIEW for permitting and exempt agencies
  RFI REVIEW for contractors
  Shop Drawing REVIEW for vendors
✓  Value Engineering REVIEW for value engineering sessions
  Inspection REVIEW for builders

e-PlanREVIEW® is an industry-leading, cloud based collaborative platform for team based design review, permitting, inspection, and site assessment.  The platform is designed by industry experts for architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies, as well as state, county, and municipal agencies tasked with code compliance and enforcement. e-PlanREVIEW® improves results and lowers the cost of doing business in both the private and public sectors by replacing printing, shipping and storage expenses of paper plans with convenient online document uploads and concurrent, collaborative web-based electronic plan reviews. e-PlanREVIEW®’s mission is simple: To fundamentally change and improve how the construction industry and permitting agencies work.


• Project Team Membership – Regulate access to project data for users within and outside of a given project team filter, allowing for increased control, flexibility, security, and appropriate access as needed.

• Better Collaboration – Made easier and more secure with flexible permissions and concurrent plan review.

• Assignment Distribution Tools – Set user-defined rules to automatically route incoming review assignments to the appropriate team members intake.

• More Flexible User Permissions – Configure standard permissions templates across multiple account types, allowing users to belong to one or as many group/departments as needed.


• 100% Browser Based – All team members work together online with no desktop software to install.

• Real-time Concurrent Review – Users from different departments and divisions can perform plan review on the same document at the same time.


• Secure Review Comments – Protect comments and sketches from unauthorized changes with our built-in security feature. Comments are saved directly to the database, instead of an unsecure text file or to the PDF document, so they are protected should the PDF file become uncompromised.

• Powerful Comment Management – More robust comment access, organization, and reporting, and clients will have the ability to allow external team members to reply to the reviewer comments.


• goPost Web Portal – Communicate securely with customers via our goPost Web Portal, allowing customers to upload project documents and download reviewed packages. Once accepted, files and project data are routed seamlessly from the portal to the review product.

• Scout PDF Utility Tool – Analyze incoming documents and accept only if no anomalies are detected and the PDF meets minimum requirements and recommendations.


• Markups Print Rendered by Department – Generate PDF deliverables to team layers that include markups and comments from all, some, or individually selected departments.

• Industry Standard Markup Toolkit – Access the most common features including markup and secure stamping tools with a single click with the streamlined markup toolbar, which will be available from all screens.


• Page Comparisons – Easily mark-up, identify, and track changes made from version to version with document overlay and side-by-side views.

• Document Versioning – Ensure that you’re always working on the newest version and that all comments and markups carry forward, while still retaining read-only access to earlier iterations for review.

• Multipage Documents – Accept multipage PDFs for plan review and easily navigate through submitted documents, open multiple pages within the same document simultaneously, and stamp, or status an entire document in a single action.