Make Electronic Plan Review a seamless extension of your application.

e-PlanCheck offers a feature-rich API, enabling bi-directional integration between permitting systems and public facing ‘citizen access’ portals. The API is REST/JSON based, simplifying application integrations using HTTP.

The EPC API includes functions for passing and updating permit application data, uploading and downloading documents, creating and monitoring plan reviewer assignments, tracking document versioning, and triggering and updating internal workflows. EPC allows for secure ‘single sign on’ as well.

By incorporating the EPC API into an ERP or permitting application that supports web services, agencies not only preserve their investment in their current applications, they can continue to use existing workflows which often require great effort to develop.

EPC is currently integrated to Accela Automation®, Paladin Data Systems SmartGov™, BS&A Software AccessMyGov and Synergetic Consulting OpenFACILIS.

Please contact us to request more information about the functionality of the API toolkit.