e-PlanSoft’s Suite of Products Provides Practical Solutionsto Improve Efficiency in Electronic Plan Reviews

eplansoft REVIEW (EPR) offers market leading compliance software and electronic plan review solutions for governmental agencies charged with code review and enforcement, as well as the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. eplansoft REVIEW (EPR) applications allow many users to work simultaneously on shared PDF documents via web browser with all comments stored securely in a back end database. Users of eplansoft REVIEW (EPR)’s entirely web-based products enjoy instant access to their assignments and supporting materials from any computer, anywhere in the world. Plans being evaluated, added markups and entered comments are instantly available to all users, improving collaboration between team members across departments and disciplines.

Introducing the next generation of workflow-driven electronic compliance solutions for team-based design review, permitting, inspection, and site assessment.

eplansoft REVIEW (EPR) was developed by industry experts for professionals in architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies, as well as state, county, and municipal agencies tasked with code compliance and enforcement. With eplansoft REVIEW (EPR), the days of exaggerated review time, redundant data entry, and excessive iterations are a thing of the past—replaced with improved results and bottom-lines, and a lower cost of doing business more efficiently than ever before.

This leading edge solution extends and enhances the most innovative compliance solution on the market today with new and improved functionality to raise electronic plan review to even greater efficiency.

eplansoft REVIEW (EPR) introduces a new level of flexibility in the way plans are submitted, received, reviewed, and addressed, eliminating the time-consuming and inefficient workarounds that have been all too common over the years that ultimately allow too much vulnerability to errors, missed deadlines, and exceeded budgets.

With eplansoft REVIEW (EPR) , plan review and compliance is streamlined, with the tools you need available on the screens you use, multiple view options to quickly and easily identify and accommodate comments anywhere in the plan. And collaboration is made easier and more secure, with full flexibility in assigning access to whole or partial project teams or individuals, as appropriate. And of course, it’s all available anywhere, via any browser with internet access.

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e-PlanCheck (EPC) is e-PlanSoft’s legacy product, offered in the cloud or on premise (for qualified government agencies.) e-PlanCheck is currently in use by many agencies with great success and will be phased out by our next generation, eplansoft REVEIW™. Multiple users within the agency can perform the review concurrently, making the review process faster and more accurate. EPC is easy to use, easy to learn, and requires no special software to be installed on workstation computers.

EPC offers users extensive commenting, markup, measuring, overlay, and electronic stamping capabilities utilized in concurrent PDF document review, updating in real time.

e-PlanCheck features extensive capabilities to eliminate paper (and associated printing, shipping, and storage costs) from the electronic plan review process, featuring markup tools, measuring tools, overlays, and electronic stamps. Agency users working on the same set of plans and supporting documents can see each other’s comments, markup tags, and updates as they work together. This increases collaboration between departments while delivering value to the applicants: faster, more accurate review of submitted plans.

e-PlanCheck also features a standard comments library where agency users can insert or select frequently used comments. Corrections reports can be dynamically generated and returned to the applicant much sooner.

e-PlanCheck integrates with multiple permitting systems, further supporting the agency’s goal to expand paperless based services to applications. Together with the agency’s permitting system, e-PlanCheck creates a complete end-to-end electronic plan review solution.

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