Irvine, CA – June 30, 2016  – The California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development(OSHPD) announced the launch of their new website which enables health-care facilities to submit architectural plans online for review. OSHPD is a permitting agency that monitors the construction, renovation, and seismic safety of California’s hospitals and healthcare facilities. The Facilities Development Division (FDD) of OSHPD is using e-PlanCheck integrated with the Accela Civic Platform to provide electronic plan review services to health-care facilities in California. This program allows OSHPD’s 200 reviewers in any of their five California offices to review documents concurrently – eliminating information silos and improving efficiency through collaboration. According to OSHPD the program will “…streamline the plan submittal process, reduce paper waste and reduce expense and inconvenience of printing and shipping multiple copies of the construction documents.”

Watch OSHPD show the new electronic features in this Video:

Learn More about the OSHPD e-PlanCheck Program from their Press Release

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