Irvine, CA – January 19, 2016 – e-PlanSoft™, the provider of Online Electronic Plan Review solutions, recently announced that Kern County’s Building Inspection Department has implemented e-PlanCheck® (EPC) integrated into the Accela Civic Platform – Land Management System for a complete electronic plan review solution.

This implementation adds e-PlanSoft’s e-PlanCheck as an integrated module to the County’s existing Permitting System, Accela Civic Platform – Land Management. The implementation of EPC will benefit Kern County and its Plan Check Applicants by eliminating the cost to print, ship and store traditional paper plans. Applicants can now apply and pay for permit, and upload plan sets to be reviewed online through Kern County’s Citizen Access portal. Plan reviewers will also save time though collaboration – making comments and markups on the same document at the same time. Additionally Reviewers can create corrections reports with the press of a button – providing quicker turnaround times to clients. Ultimately, this will enable community members to apply for building permits and upload plan sets online, and allow the county to perform plan reviews without printing a sheet of paper.

e-PlanCheck offers Kern County an affordable set of features that go above and beyond a typical markup review tool. These include one-click Correction Reports, a Searchable Standard Comments library, overlay and side-by-side comparison tools, support for concurrent reviews, and much more.  In the integrated environment, plans uploaded to the Accela Citizen Access Portal are distributed to plan reviewers via the Accela Workflow Engine allowing county staff and reviewers the capability to access EPC by simply clicking on their plan check assignments. Together, these products provide a powerful web-based concurrent plan review solution that enables citizens to conveniently submit permit applications online for plan check from the comfort of their own home, 24-hours-a-day / 7-days-a-week.

About Kern County

With a population of over 850,000, and an area over 8000 sq. miles, Kern County is the third largest county in California. Kern’s county seat is Bakersfield. This grand and historic area, where settlers once sought the riches brought by gold and the “black gold” of oil, is now a place filled with booming cities and an unparalleled quality of life. (Learn More)

About Accela

Accela provides cloud-based civic engagement solutions for government. Accela’s Civic Platform, which includes open APIs and mobile apps, enables and improves core processes for city, county, state and federal governments. Accela’s solutions uniquely address the diverse needs of their constituents by making publicly available information more accessible. The Accela Civic Platform includes solutions for land management, asset management, licensing and case management, legislative management and more.

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About e-PlanSoft 

Located in Southern California, e-PlanSoft was founded by principals of an award-winning Architectural-Engineering firm with decades of plan review and inspection experience in the construction design industry. Its patented and feature-rich products promote systems integration and significantly reduce the costs associated with paper plan reviews, which protects the environment by reducing carbon waste and allows agency’s to better manage their staff and workloads.