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March 26, 2020by App Manager

It is 2020. How prepared was your agency for a massive epidemic, such as the COVID-19, to strike and stop the flow of everything around you and your town? There’s no denying it that the loss of income to many is apparent from the economic uncertainties that we are currently facing. This push for digital transformation in municipalities didn’t just appear overnight with workers asking to work from home, citizens needing a way to pay or submit items online, businesses still needing to communicate, collaborate and get things done so they can get paid and blue-collared workers still needing to build buildings, restore infrastructures and submit plans for approvals and permitting. Now more than ever local leaders need to bring paperless and digital processes to their citizens.

From small mountain towns to large metropolitan cities and counties, the United States has over eighty-nine thousand state and local government agencies. Yet less than 25% of them are fully digital, as some are faced with more pressing issues like the strain of swelling populations and trying to adjust to a new mix of job opportunities or the older cities that are now facing the reverse with negative population growth and need a way to fill in real estate and keep local businesses thriving. Their budgets these last few years were being allocated to other areas depending on their needs. However, no matter the growth trajectory, local government leaders are all faced with the same issue to help obtain an increase in the quality of life for those that live there, help local businesses grow, attract new ones and promote environmental resilience. Each of these goals and responsibilities require, and are well served, by moving forward to embrace the digital era.

Going digital is a game where everyone wins. 

Going digital will save resources, improve services and avoid waste at every level and for every department in state and local government. Citizens will be able to rely on cutting-edge services that are tailored to fit real, individual needs and save them time, travel costs, and unnecessary exposure having everything conveniently online to use. The biggest winner in the shift to digitization is the Country and its people, as initialization promotes transparency in our institutions, reducing the opportunity for corruption, promoting small business and innovation.

Where e-PlanREVIEW® Adds Value

e-PlanSoft™ plays a vital role in helping agencies go fully digital for their Building and Safety, Planning, and Public Works Departments. Designed to fit their needs, our web-based electronic plan review document management system, e-PlanREVIEW® (EPR) is a solution that provides a collaborative, simultaneous review process enabling multiple users to perform the review concurrently from anywhere, making the review process faster and more accurately.

Not only can EPR be used as a standalone solution using our goPost Public Portal to get your agency up and running a paperless environment in a matter of weeks, but EPR can also integrate with multiple permitting systems to support an end to end paperless permit application and approval process for your agency. Paperless plan check means no more shipping, storage or printing costs for public agencies or their constituents. e-PlanREVIEW® works with permitting software to take in electronic plan set submittals over the internet, removing the requirement for applicants to submit plans in person, which in turn reduces counter wait times, increasing client satisfaction.

EPR features easy to learn – easy to use – markup, measurement, overlay, stamp and comment tools and allows users to use these tools to review the same document at the same time, seeing each other’s changes update in real-time. The standard comments library lets users quickly insert commonly used codes, comments, and instructions directly on the plan set or to the overall project for the applicant to evaluate. Custom correction reports for the applicant are created on the fly as reviewers add comments streamlining the plan review process and reduce plan check turnaround time.

The Benefits it brings your agency:   

  • Better service for your community
  • Smarter tech-focused city
  • Reduces the carbon footprint
  • Transparency with constituents
  • Faster Permits issued
  • Improved parking at the city hall with the reduction of foot traffic
  • Less Storage, more facility space



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    If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!

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