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July 25, 2018by Brandy Parslow

e-PlanSoft™ is pleased to announce the procurement of our cloud-based electronic plan review solution, e-PlanREVIEW® (EPR), for HR Green and their clients. 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July, 24, 2018 | Irvine, CA –  HR Green’s commitment to provide their clients the best plan review services, will be migrating from e-PlanSoft’s legacy solution,  e-PlanCheck® (ePC), e-PlanSoft’s first web-based plan review option to using their newly released product e-PlanREVIEW® (EPR), a cloud-based electronic document review software that assists all government agencies, as well as the construction industry, manufacturing, and owners for their compliance review, design review, and construction review process in real time.

HR Green has a successful track record of implementing creative and innovative approaches that have provided responsive, well-planned, and quality services in the most cost-effective manner possible. As part of the agreement, HR Green will continue to bring the best to their clients by naming EPR as a preferred electronic review document provider.  The decision was based off the improved efficiency and compliance capability features of EPR, as it offers a comprehensive, affordable set of features that go above and beyond a typical markup review tool, including Enhanced Document Versioning, Page Comparisons, Comment & Code Library and with Scout EPR’s unique PDF Inspection tool, provides the capability to manage projects to a greater degree, and much more.

HR Green’s clients who opt for digital review will also achieve significant cost savings in reduced dependency on printing, copy distribution, and handling of paper-based construction plans.  A solution that provides easy access to smart, collaborative electronic plan check tools for more efficient plan reviews.  More importantly, HR Green will take advantage of EPR’s concurrent reviews by any department within the city, promoting team collaboration and communication as easy and effective process.

“We look forward to continuing to partner with HR Green to add a comprehensive electronic plan review solution into their municipal sector. We see this filling a need that provides numerous benefits to HR Green’s clients and the communities they support,” asserts David Avila, Director of Sales for e-Plan, Inc.

Sean Hooper, e-PlanSoft’s Business Development Manager who has managed and built this strong alliance states, “We are delighted to continue partnering with HR Green to offer our innovative technology as an integral part for their clients.”

About HR Green

Founded in 1913, HR Green has offices throughout the United States and provides engineering, technical, and management services to clients in the following markets: Transportation, Water, Governmental Services, Land Development, Environmental, and Construction. www.hrgreen.com

About e-PlanSoft™

e-PlanSoft™ develops cloud-based electronic document review software that assists governmental agencies, construction and manufacturing industries, developers and owners for their plan review, design review, product review, construction and asset review process in real-time. www.eplansoft.com

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