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The goPost Customer Portal is a fully web-based application that is tightly integrated to e-PlanREVIEW®. goPost supports the following ‘user roles’: 1) Applicants, 2) Intake Staff and 3) goPost Administrators.

goPost will allow Applicants to apply for permits, upload and submit plans for review, manage document versioning, access reviewer comment reports, and download deliverable packages (either reviewed plans that require corrections or approved plan sets). There is no cost to the applicants to create a goPost login account. Customers have full access to goPost online 24X7, including the ability to submit plans.

The goPost user interface will provide links for Applicants to download submittal guidelines in PDF format. Any files uploaded to goPost will pass through our Scout PDF inspector, which will reject incoming documents that do not meet best practices.

Applicants may create and manage many (unlimited) permit application projects, upload 2nd, 3rd, etc. submittals and receive automated emails when their project’s workflow status changes in EPR. Each user account requires a valid email address and password.

Intake staff at the City will utilize goPost to evaluate incoming submittals made by Applicants, including whether incoming documents meet the City’s submission criteria, and either accept or communicate deficiencies back to the applicant. When ready, City Intake staff will ‘accept’ goPost projects and push files over to EPR for processing. This online upload through the goPost portal reduces the plan review processing times by eliminating the need for physical trips to drop off and pick up plans as well as the storage associated with hard copies.

How Does goPost Work and What Does it Do?

goPost Customer Portal allows users to manage plan review projects and submit plan review documents and supporting attachments for electronic plan review.

Projects created in goPost are passed to e-PlanREVIEW (EPR)

 for goPost ‘Applicants’


  1. Create a goPost user account
  2. Complete the goPost ‘project form’
  3. Upload your plan sets in PDF format as well as supporting attachments (any file format)
    1. Our Scout PDF inspector checks incoming plan sets to identify non-compliant PDFs
  4. Submit the project to intake

Steps to Receive Deliverables

The goPost user is notified when the reviewed plans are ready to download. Login to goPost to download the deliverable package.

Steps to resubmit:

Plans that require changes/corrections are uploaded to goPost as the next submittal and submitted to intake staff again.

The cycle repeats until the plans are deemed acceptable.


For goPost Intake staff:


  1. Oversee projects submitted by goPost Applicants
  2. Perform an intake completeness check to ensure the necessary project information and documents are
    1. Place projects on hold until required information/documents have been provided by the
  3. Manage each project’s workflow (accepted, on hold, denied, pending)
  4. Submit goPost projects and documents to EPR for review.