Accela will offer e-PlanCheck® electronic plan review solution on Accela Civic Platform.

Irvine, CA, July 31st, 2014 – e-PlanSoft™ and Accela have partnered together to provide e-Plan’s patented, web-based electronic plan review solution e-PlanCheck (EPC) for Accela’s Civic Platform customers worldwide.

EPC is a patented, web-based electronic plan review product designed to streamline the document review process associated with the review and issuance of permits. Developed with input from building officials, architects and engineers, it offers a comprehensive, affordable set of features that go above and beyond a typical markup review tool, including one-click Correction Reports, a Standard Comments library, overlay and side-by-side comparison tools, support for concurrent reviews, document version management, and much more.

Through the new partnership, Accela will offer e-PlanCheck as a tightly-integrated option for their users of Electronic Document Review (EDR) on the Accela Civic Platform, providing a one-stop solution for all of their permitting and plan review needs. The solution provides agencies easy access to smart, collaborative electronic plan check tools for more efficient plan reviews. Agencies who opt for digital review will also achieve significant cost savings in reduced dependency on printing, copy distribution, and handling of paper-based construction plans. More importantly, EPC supports truly concurrent reviews by plan checkers in any department, promoting team collaboration and communication as easy and effective process.

“We look forward to partnering with Accela to add a comprehensive electronic plan check solution into their world class Civic Platform. We see this filling a need that provides numerous benefits to Accela’s clients and the communities they support,” asserts Larry Zaret, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for e-Plan, Inc.

Maury Blackman, Accela’s President and Chief Executive Officer, agrees, “We are delighted to partner with e-PlanSoft™ to offer their innovative technology as an integral part of our EDR solution.  This is a great example of the power of the Accela Civic Platform to bring best-of-breed technologies together for the benefit of Accela customers. Agencies of all sizes will benefit from the fully Web-based EPC solution, as well as the increased efficiency and convenience borne from the integration of these two products.”

About Accela

At Accela, we believe that engagement makes all the difference. We’re ushering in a new era where democracy thrives when government works directly with the people, coming to citizens on their terms through mobile devices, social media and networks, and open data. By streamlining critical agency functions like land and asset management, licensing, legislative management, resource and recreation management, and public health and safety, the Accela Civic Platform bridges the gap between agencies and citizens. We help build better communities by powering thousands of services and millions of transactions daily for agencies of all sizes.

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About e-PlanSoft™ 

Located in Southern California, e-PlanSoft™ was founded by principals of an award-winning Architectural-Engineering firm with decades of plan review and inspection experience in the construction design industry. Its patented and feature-rich products promote systems integration and significantly reduce the costs associated with paper plan reviews, which protects the environment by reducing carbon waste and allows agency’s to better manage their staff and workloads.