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October 12, 2020by Juli Rose

Irvine, CA, October 2020 | e-PlanSoft™ today announced that it has expanded its senior leadership team and international presence to accommodate the current and trending growth of the company.

To support and propel company growth and increased demand, e-PlanSoft has added four senior-level roles to augment the company’s standing and ability to assist the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) industry. Joining the team are Debra Schmitt as Director of Technical Operations and Project Management, Kalib Drake, Vice President of National Sales and Marketing, Jason Cline, Channel Partner Integration Manager, and David Avila, who has been promoted to the new role of Vice President of International Sales.

Debra Schmitt joins the e-PlanSoft team in the newly created role of Director of Technical Operations and Project Management. Ms. Schmitt brings over 20 years’ experience in software management. She will leverage her experience overseeing large application portfolios including the inspection and permitting initiative (IPI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) at the City of Chicago and her technical acumen to guide e-PlanSoft in developing and supporting leading-edge solutions that best serve the needs of the public and private sectors.  “I am honored to join e-PlanSoft. This company’s success is fundamentally driven by its leading-edge solutions. I believe e-PlanSoft has a tremendous opportunity for growth. I am confident that with my leadership experience incomparable business areas will help as we develop plans to drive consistent measurable growth during this unique pandemic era.”

Kalib Drake joins e-PlanSoft as Vice President of NaKalib Draketional Sales and Marketing. Mr. Drake comes to e-PlanSoft from Accela, where he served as a business development executive and brings deep experience with e-PlanSoft’s integration with Accela products through multiple joint company/client contracts. His reputation and relationship with clients and within the AEC industry, along with his strong business aptitude will contribute to his role in furthering the strength of the e-PlanSoft offerings and market position.

“Like most GovTech employees, I am dedicated to improving the lives of civil servants through digital transformation. After COVID-19, electronic plan review software can no longer be considered optional to government agencies. The impact is immediate and valuable to agencies and citizens alike and the return on investment is realized immediately upon project ‘go-live.’ I am excited to be in a position to facilitate such meaningful solutions that will streamline workflows, create efficiency, and ultimately bring building projects safely to completion in a timelier manner than ever before.”

Jason Cline has joined e-PlanSoft as the Channel Partner Integration Manager. Mr. Cline’s background as a project manager with the City of Chicago and Hansen Information Technologies equips him with strategic insights into the requirements specific to AEC projects. As the Channel Partner Integration Manager, he serves as the liaison between e-PlanSoft and current partners and develops new relationships with complementary software product vendors to enhance the plan review user experience. The expanding partner network brings extended functionality to broader markets that will benefit from state-of-the-art plan review processes. “It’s exciting to work with such a great team here at e-PlanSoft. The Company is changing the game with this software, which has a positive impact on keeping so many of our communities up and running.”

Fueled by increased demand and the ability to offer an electronic plan review with unparalleled functionality, e-PlanSoft has entered the international market. David Avila, formerly the National Sales Director for e-PlanSoft, leads the charge into world-wide markets as the Vice President of International Sales. During his tenure as National Sales Director, Mr. Avila led e-PlanSoft’s sales team in providing best-in-class solutions for the AEC industry. In his new role, he will apply his success in positioning the company as an industry leader in international markets.  “I am very excited about this new role as Vice President of International Sales. As former Director of National Sales, we have established a strong footprint in the US and as result, we have captured the attention of our neighboring countries both North and South of our border and will continue to expand to other countries. Our technology and experience in construction management coupled with our core competencies in government is our formula for success. I see a strong future for a global presence.”

As the country has experienced unprecedented challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in significantly increased unemployment across the country and mandates to impose distancing both socially and in the workplace, e-PlanSoft was proactively prepared to meet the needs of the AEC community.  e-PlanSoft products were created to facilitate greater efficiency in plan review without the need for outdated manual or on-premise processes.  Architectural, engineering, and construction firms have recognized the benefits of moving to an electronic plan review model, and demand for e-PlanSoft products has significantly increased and is projected to continue accordingly. By strategically expanding the executive team and global presence, e-PlanSoft is positioned to grow and assist the AEC industry by providing the ability to conduct the full cycle of plan reviews electronically, eliminating the need for manual tasks, which were historically performed on-premise.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Brandy Parslow at 949-544-0523 or email at bparslow@eplansoft.com.


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    If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!

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