Another feature included in EPC to manage your government or public agency’s permit applications

e-PlanCheck (EPC) is the leading online plan review solution specifically designed to transition city and county permitting agencies away from paper-based construction plans. EPC offers several built-in features that save permit applicants and government agencies time and money. One of those features is the EPC built-in Event Log which monitors workflow and data entry events; all event information and actions are recorded and can be filtered or searched by users, department, permit number, etc.

What is the EPC Event Log?

The Event Log is a powerful tool that leverages EPC’s database to track and log all comments and actions with a digital time stamp for better reporting and managing of permit applications. EPC users also have the ability to review the system’s Event Log to monitor and track most events done by other users. For example, each time a Permit Status is changed, EPC creates an event in the log and records the new status value, the user name of the admin that made the change and a time stamp. This log table tracks many other types of events as well, and is used for creating various reports, timelines and graphs. When all Plan Checkers complete departmental reviews for a permit, EPC changes the status from ‘Open’ to ‘Ready to Issue’ and notifies appropriate intake personnel/permit technicians. These changes in status appear in the event log creating an audit trail in the system. Government and agency personnel are able to view who approved and performed each task – this eliminates traditional paper errors and tracking issues along with the painstaking search of physical archives.


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