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Irvine, CA, February 25, 2014: Are contractors, architects and project owners in your city asking for ways to eliminate the cost associated with printing paper plans and submitting them electronically to your city? ePlan can help..

e-PlanSoft™ can customize a Citizens Access Portal for your city to allow electronic plan submissions. Permit fees can be paid online through this portal, speeding up the process. Applicants can then track their permit progress via the City’s website, reducing phone calls to the city.

Saving time and money should be a priority for most cities in the U.S. The old way of shipping and printing plan review sets costs both the city and applicants too much time and money. With e-Plan now accessible to most cities across the country, plans can be submitted and reviewed online without the necessity of printing and waiting for plans to be distributed to the right departments.

e-PlanCheck® (EPC), a modified version of our e-PlanReview® (EPR) online plan review application, is designed specifically for plan reviewers in any city or county permitting department to conduct reviews concurrently and without paper plans. Agencies can increase staff productivity and efficiencies while decreasing overhead costs in several ways. Learn More

What Is the Citizens Access Portal and How Does it Work?

The Online Citizen Access Portal is a gateway through which applicants (both residents and business owners living within that city) can now log in and start submitting permit applications and upload their paperless plans via PDF directly to the City. Applicants can also make payments directly through the portal. Typically, applicants can access this system through the City’s existing website.

This Citizen Access Portal, or Public Portal, then connects to both e-PlanCheck and to an agency’s Permit or Enterprise software.

With this integrated solution, Permit Technicians and Permit Supervisors can conduct both the intake and return of the plan check ‘deliverables’ (reviewed plans, attachments, etc.), in a completely paperless process to their customers.

Applicants can:

  • Create an Account Online for a Permit Application
  • Upload plans and supporting documents in PDF format
  • Submit Multiple Permit Applications under one user account
  • Track and Check the permit Status anytime, and from anywhere internet is accessible
  • Pay for plan check fees online via credit card
  • Re-submit revised plans, and more

Permit Technicians can: 

  • Receive email alerts when new applications have been submitted by a customer
  • Review the permit application including plans and documents uploaded by the applicant
  • Accept or reject an application
  • Place an application on hold pending additional information
  • Enter ‘comments’ and instructions in the Portal that create email alerts to the applicant
  • Receive email alerts when a customer submits revised plans – or submits questions to staff from the Portal
  • Manage login accounts for external (public use) and internal (staff use
  • Access e-Plan’s patented searchable comment database and output reports

Issuing the Permit:

With EPC’s  integrated solution where all permit and contact information is managed by the Permit software, once documents have been reviewed by city officials, the permit ‘status’ in EPC is updated automatically and a deliverable set is prepared and the applicant is notified that the set is ready to be picked up.

About E-Plan

E-Plan Software offers a suite of solutions on a subscription (SaaS) or on premise (enterprise) model. e-PlanReview®, e-PlanCheck® and e-PlanAssessment™ allow plan reviewers and inspectors the ability to perform concurrent reviews, assessments and inspections directly in a web browser. The Company, founded in 2010, provides services to governmental agencies and fire departments, as well as construction and insurance industries.