1. What is e-Plan?

e-Plan is a web-based application for online Electronic Plan Review and documentation solution, but is also much more. It eliminates paper use and printing costs, offers instant access from any browser worldwide, and allows for simultaneous reviews. This is an ideal tool for any plan-based project, from the design review phase all the way through construction and as-built final drawings. It  streamlines the delivery and review of documents and fosters seamless collaboration among teams.

e-Plan also tracks when changes are completed so team members can quickly and easily take action. No end-user implementation or maintenance required – just sign in and go!



2. Can e-Plan provide reports of all the team member’s comments?

Yes.  Reports can be sorted by multiple parameters such as discipline (civil, architectural, etc), reviewer, impact on the project,  project phase, and many others. These reports can be exported onto an Excel spreadsheet for raw-data viewing or displayed as an easy-to-read PDF file.



3.How do all the team members on a project utilize e-Plan?

Very simple! e-Plan is designed to accommodate multiple simultaneous users. With streamlined communication from the schematic design phase to the completion of the project, every participant on the project can easily login and enter their own comment. Each user will be assigned a user name and password and can review projects assigned to them or generate project reports whenever they need to, from wherever they are.



4. How do team members obtain their login and password?  Do they each need their own?

Your initial login and password will be assigned by the e-Plan administrative staff. This first account will be an administrative account, giving you full access to all of the e-Plan features. You will be prompted to create a new password upon initial log-in to enhance your security. Your administrator may then go to the Accounts page in e-Plan to create all subsequent accounts as necessary, assigning projects and responsibilities for each.



5. Is it possible to red mark the drawings online?

Yes. The program allows you to make comments and mark-ups directly on each drawing sheet. A variety of mark-up tools are provided with the software, including shading tools, freehand tools, and line tools. You can also attach image files or sections of code to your documents quickly and easily. e-Plan allows you to map the comments to the plans, reduce errors, and streamline the plan review process.



6. What exactly is “mapping” comments to the plans?

Mapping comments is a unique, patented technology that allows you to move between the drawing and the comment database with a single mouse click.



7. Is it possible for other users to change my comments?

Once you have made your comments, they are locked into the file and only you or an administrator can change them.



8. What are the system requirements needed to run e-Plan?

No downloads required, and no long and boring instructions. If you have a computer with a browser (Internet Explorer – preferably latest version or Firefox), and Adobe Reader, you’re ready to start your electronic plan review online!



9. Where is my data saved?

All the data created during the electronic plan review process is saved on our servers in a secured cloud solution. You may also have the option of storing the data to your own local servers.



10. What are some of the benefits of e-Plan?

Besides making everyone’s life much easier by improving the plan review process, the use of e-Plan reduces errors and streamlines communications across all projects and team members. e-Plan also eliminates paper, printing and delivery costs. Oh, and did we mention that it saves time? No need to physically meet with your team members–with e-Plan all the information can be accessed online.



11. Can I still have the option to print if I need to?

e-Plan allows you to print any files or reports to PDF, and from there they can be printed to paper if necessary. e-Plan is intended to be a paperless review process, but hard copies can be printed for reference or storage if necessary.



12. How does using e-Plan help the environment?

Using e-Plan will significantly reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for paper, shipping, storage, and transportation for hard copies. This not only saves the environment, it saves you money.