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e-Plan, Inc., developer of leading web-based plan review management software for electronic plan review and plan check, has filed for and been awarded a number of patents from the U.S. Patent Office. The original patent, entitled “System and Method for Dynamic Linking between Graphic Documents and Comment Databases,” protects e-Plan’s proprietary method for the dynamic linking of a comment database storing mark-ups, plan corrections, and/or other comments to graphic documents such as construction plans.

This technology is the foundation of e-Plan, Inc.’s web-based e-PlanReview® and e-PlanCheck® software that provide owners, the A/E/C (construction) industry, and code compliance agencies with the ability to perform electronic plan review.


Los Angeles, CA

In July of 2012, e-Plan, Inc. was awarded a registered trademark for e-PlanCheck (Int. Cl.: 9 Reg No. 4,200,225), online plan review software which was developed specifically to assist public agencies in reviewing, commenting on, and organizing documentation throughout multiple departments at once.

This comes in addition to a previously awarded trademark for e-PlanReview (Int. Cl.: 9 Reg No. 3,240,910), our original online plan review solution for Architects, Engineers, Construction and other private industry that provides a unique method for dynamically linking extensive project comment databases with graphic documents in immensely useful ways.

e-Plan, Inc.’s range of electronic plan review products has been thoughtfully developed using these exclusive, patented technologies – along with insight from industry professionals – to deliver products and services that successfully equip organizations in a variety of markets.



View the Certificates of Registration for e-PlanReview and e-PlanCheck, respectively.