Irvine, CA – October 14, 2015: The City of Berkeley, CA recently announced it will be adding electronic plan review services by implementing e-PlanCheck (EPC) through the review tool’s dynamic integration the Accela Civic Platform. Accela currently supports the City of Berkeley with software solutions for permitting, workflow automation, auditing, reporting, and online services including mobile solutions. By 2016 the Department of Planning & Development will incorporate EPC in the Building Permit process, enabling community members to apply for building permits online, and allowing the city to perform plan reviews without printing a sheet of paper.

The City of Berkeley has vastly benefited from Accela’s implemented software solutions by reducing the amount of paper used to reconcile workflows, providing online services to members not previously available, and alleviating the amount of greenhouse gas emissions for travel to the Permit Service Center. Additional functionality such as online permitting and online business license renewals will expand upon these benefits as they go live. Accela’s Mobile Office will allow Public Works staff, as well as Building and Code Enforcement inspectors, to connect to the city’s back office system and report inspection findings in the field rather than relying upon the paper-based process currently in use.

e-PlanSoft™, the online provider of Electronic Plan Review solutions, and Accela will work together to implement the integrated solution, enabling a powerful web-based concurrent plan review solution which provides extensive markup, comment and signature functionality for documents submitted online. Additional features within e-PlanCheck include simultaneous collaboration between reviewers during plan checks, advanced document version control and custom workflows for the review process.

About City of Berkeley

On the east shore of San Francisco Bay in Northern Alameda County, California, the City of Berkeley is named after the Irish eighteenth-century bishop and philosopher George Berkeley. In Alameda County, Berkeley is ranked fourth in population behind Oakland, Fremont, and Hayward and famous as a center for academic achievement, scientific exploration and the arts. Its population at the 2010 census was 112,580. (Learn More)

About Accela

Accela provides cloud-based civic engagement solutions for government. Accela’s Civic Platform, which includes open APIs and mobile apps, enables and improves core processes for city, county, state and federal governments. Accela’s solutions uniquely address the diverse needs of their constituents by making publicly available information more accessible. The Accela Civic Platform includes solutions for land management, asset management, licensing and case management, legislative management and more.

With more than 2,000 customers worldwide, Accela is headquartered in San Ramon, California, with offices in San Francisco, New York, Portland, Melbourne and Dubai. For more information, visit

About e-PlanSoft™ 

Located in Southern California, e-PlanSoft™ was founded by principals of an award-winning Architectural-Engineering firm with decades of plan review and inspection experience in the construction design industry. Its patented and feature-rich products promote systems integration and significantly reduce the costs associated with paper plan reviews, which protects the environment by reducing carbon waste and allows agency’s to better manage their staff and workloads.