Experience the e-PlanSoft™ Difference

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From day one and even prior to contracts, e-PlanSoft™ is fully committed to provide our clients, potential clients and their customers with the very best products and customer service.  We believe in going the extra mile to ensure that each client is satisfied with our software testing and project management solutions that include key to

6 Common Complaints About City Government and How to Fix Them

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Cities grapple with the pace of change and resident demands.  Municipalities have long received criticisms for being inefficient or ineffectual in what it is they're trying to accomplish.  Those criticisms aren't always fair, but they linger. However, technology is starting to bridge the gab between the complaints and the reality.  For governments that are plugged

Things to Consider when moving to Electronic Plan Submittal and Review

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Electronic Plan Reviews are transforming the AEC industry by giving contractors, architects, engineers, and owners access to blueprints as a PDF digital representations in real-time, acting as a powerful tool to enhance project visibility and efficiency across teams.  As workers in the industry are becoming more acclimated to doing things online, local governments are slowly

Electronic Review Addresses These Critical Needs in Emergency Response Situations

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Few events in life resonate with such impact that every person on the planet can remember where they were the moment it happened. Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001 — otherwise known as "9/11" — was just such an event. On 9/11, four planes were commandeered by terrorists funded through al-Qaida and masterminded by Osama Bin Laden.

Cloud Computing for Large Scale Construction Projects from Every Angle

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A municipal design plan has many different "touch points" as it goes through the construction process.  There's the design firm, the lead engineer, the contractors and subcontractors.  Beyond that, an alphabet soup of local, state, and federal agencies must have access to ensure codes and regulations are being met. When all was handled via paper

The Greater Tomorrow of Civic Centers

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The Greater Tomorrow of Civic Centers Imagine a world without computers, iPads, smartphones or the Cloud. It’s pretty hard, right? Things that were once mere visions of a greater tomorrow for future generations are now a reality and are constantly changing the way we do business and live our daily lives. Thanks to companies such