Brandy Parslow

Director of Marketing

As the Director of Marketing in charge of e-PlanSoft’s marketing operations since 2018, Brandy leads the firm’s marketing, messaging, and community engagement initiatives for multiple discipline-specific divisions across the nation. Responsible for refining and promoting the firm’s strategic message, brand, and PR program with a well-crafted communication strategy that is consistent with the firm’s strategic goals and marketing plans.  Brandy also serves as an expert trainer, lecturer, and consultant for planning, marketing, and community engagement strategies that assist clients in effectively strategizing, packaging, and communicating.

Prior to coming onboard, Brandy held executive positions in various boutique marketing agencies.  An alumnus of Cal State University Fullerton where she took classes in both Marketing and Advertising and held several leadership positions in multiple clubs.  With a passion for helping her community and the future generations, she currently serves as the Executive Legislative Chair for Trabuco Mesa Elementary and coaches her daughter’s soccer team.


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