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About Brandy Parslow

Brandy Parslow is the Marketing Manager for ePlan, Inc. where she heads the department through various projects all in support of the sales direction such as public relations activities, the planning and coordinating of special events, updating the social media platforms, developing proposal sections, writing newsletter, articles and campaigns and helping to brand messaging and strategy of all sales. Brandy brings with her years of marketing knowledge in various industries and a proven track record at making noise. As an alumni of Cal State University Fullerton where she took classes in both Marketing and Advertising, Brandy has proven to be successful at taking her creative thoughts to paper. She’s able to not only strategize and wireframe the details of a full project but can write about it, the content for it and design what each detailed piece will look like from every aspect.

Cloud Computing for Large Scale Construction Projects from Every Angle

2018-08-16T16:24:45+00:00August 3rd, 2018|Blog, News|

A municipal design plan has many different "touch points" as it goes through the construction process.  There's the design firm, the lead engineer, the contractors and subcontractors.  Beyond that, an alphabet soup of local, state, and federal agencies must have access to ensure codes and regulations are being met. When all was handled via paper

HR Green & e-PlanSoft™ Announce Procurement in Contract

2018-08-16T16:24:33+00:00July 25th, 2018|News, Press Release|

e-PlanSoft™ is pleased to announce the procurement of our cloud-based electronic plan review solution, eplansoft REVIEW™ (EPR), for HR Green and their clients.  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July, 24, 2018 | Irvine, CA -  HR Green's commitment to provide their clients the best plan review services, will be migrating from e-PlanSoft's legacy solution,  e-PlanCheck® (ePC), e-PlanSoft’s first web-based plan

The Greater Tomorrow of Civic Centers

2018-08-10T10:43:36+00:00July 18th, 2018|Blog, News|

The Greater Tomorrow of Civic Centers Imagine a world without computers, iPads, smartphones or the Cloud. It’s pretty hard, right? Things that were once mere visions of a greater tomorrow for future generations are now a reality and are constantly changing the way we do business and live our daily lives. Thanks to companies such

What Your Web Application Isn’t Giving You

2018-08-03T13:47:02+00:00June 15th, 2018|News|

  What Your Web Application Isn't Giving You Desktop software and Software as a Service (SaaS) brought a quantum leap in productivity for the way architects, engineers, and builders do business, and those who work with them. But technology changes rapidly, and when it does, what worked yesterday can become antiquated almost overnight. When

e-PlanSoft™ Strengthens Sales Team

2018-06-14T13:27:01+00:00June 13th, 2018|News, Press Release|

e-PlanSoft™ Strengthens Sales Team Irvine, CA.  – e-PlanSoft™, the leading compliance software for design, construction, inspection, and assessment processes, is pleased to announce the addition of our newest Regional Sales Manager to the company’s fast-growing sales team – Yvonne Li. As a technology sales veteran, Yvonne brings with her a wealth of experience specializing in