Providing Compliance Software for Owners, Government Agencies and AEC Industry

e-PlanSoft™ offers market leading compliance software for design, construction, inspection, and assessment processes. ePlanSoft’s collaborative, web browser-based products have been designed by industry experts for architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies as well the state, county, and municipal agencies charged with code creation and enforcement.

The users of e-PlanSoft products enjoy instant, secure access to project documents and supporting materials from any computer, anywhere in the world – twenty four hours a day, seven day a week – while evaluating plans or structures, adding markup tags, entering comments and creating instant reports.  The results are instantly available to all users, improving collaboration between different departments and disciplines, between colleagues and clients, between agencies and applicants, whether they are next door, on another coast, or even in another country.

ePlanSoft’s suite of products lowers the cost of doing business in both the private and public sectors by replacing printing, shipping and storage expenses with convenient online document uploads and enabling browser-based online plan reviews.

e-PlanSoft’s mission is simple: fundamentally change and improve how construction (AEC) industry and permitting agencies work by introducing electronic compliance solutions.

e-PlanSoft continues to work with industry experts to identify how construction industry businesses and government agencies can improve their interactions, new opportunities to simplify and accelerate code compliance process, and reach the goal of eliminating the cost and expense of paper based plan design, review, assessment and inspection.


Owen Group, Inc. is an award winning architectural and engineering firm based in Los Angeles, California. In the mid 2000’s forklifts commonly beeped their way through the double door entrance of Owen Group offices, bringing in large plan sets by the pallet load from different agencies and private companies for compliance review projects including the new World Trade Center in New York.

Owen Group endeavored to find a better way to manage the plan sets and perform collaborative plan reviews. After searching and finding that a solution meeting their needs did not exist, Owen Group, together with other industry experts, began the development of software that would allow multiple users to review drawings electronically together, in real time from multiple locations, over the internet.

e-PlanSoft products are revolutionary technology for conducting compliance reviews in the construction industry. The successful launch of this software within Owen Group led the United States Patent Office to grant several patents – click here to view patents.

e-PlanSoft’s products owe their heritage to the Owen Group – we thank all staff of Owen Group, and all other design, construction and permitting agencies professional staff who contributed to these great products.