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Welcome to e-PlanSoft™. Electronic Plan Reviews are just the beginning

e-PlanSoft offers a suite of enterprise and online cloud-based (SAAS) patented compliance products for a variety of needs for the construction industry including e-PlanCheck®, e-PlanSoft REVIEW & e-PlanAssessment. Additionally, our products can be used for Value Engineering Assessment, Shop Drawings Review, As-Built Plan Preparation and more. Our paperless, web-based mark-up tools allow instant, secure access to project documents and supporting materials 24/7 from any computer, anywhere in the world. We help users mark up, comment, share, and create real-time reports instantly and with ease. (read more)

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e-PlanCheck Version 3.1

Integrated Plan and Document Review

e-PlanCheck (EPC) is a market-leading, electronic plan review application designed specifically for city, county and state permitting and licensing agencies. This fully web-based product has been designed by plan reviewers for plan reviewers with a focus on being easy to learn and easy to use.

EPC integrates with multiple permitting systems - including Accela Automation®, BS&A AccessMyGov, Paladin SmartGov™ - to provide a fully integrated end-to-end experience.

Using e-PlanCheck, agencies can upload their own checklists and recurring comments to a Standard Comment Library to make code review faster and more efficient. Staff can then easily create filtered Correction reports with ‘one-click’.

With full support for concurrent reviews, many users can simultaneously review the same document and see what other departments are doing in real time. In EPC document versioning is fully tracked and managed across the life of the application; code comments are carried forward to the latest revision automatically.

From first submittal to final plan check approval, an integrated electronic plan review solution is critical for streamlining departmental operations, reducing plan check turn-around times and improving interactions between municipalities and their constituents.

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