e-PlanSoft™ develops cloud-based document control software that assists the construction industry, manufacturing, governmental agencies, and owners for design review, product review, permitting, construction, and asset review process.

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Electronic Plan Reviews are just the beginning

e-PlanSoft™ offers e-PlanREVIEW®an online cloud-based (SAAS) patented compliance electronic document review software that assists governmental agencies, construction and manufacturing industries, developers and owners for their plan review, design review, construction and asset review process in real-time. 

Our paperless, web-based mark-up tools allow instant, secure access to project documents and supporting materials 24/7 from any computer, anywhere in the world. We help users mark up, comment, share, and create real-time reports instantly and with ease. With this advanced functionality, our products can also be used for Value Engineering Assessment, Shop Drawings Review, As-Built Plan Preparation and more.

Design & RFI Review

Increase efficiency with
cloud based reviews available
anywhere with internet
access via your browser.

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Building & Safety, Planning & Public Works

Reduce permitting
department walk ins and
eliminate multiple copies
and storage issues

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Third Party Plan Review

Regulate access to project
data for increased control,
security, and collaboration
as needed.

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Testimonials and References

“We have been using e-PlanCheck integrated with the Accela Civic Platform for over two years. It was anticipated that the amount of time required for processing applications, document handling and reviews would be reduced; however clients have estimated a time reduction of 75 to 80 percent for each project that is submitted, far exceeding expectations. The reduction in time spent entering applications and dealing with delays resulting from missing or incorrect information has an equivalent cost savings of almost $300,000 in staff time and an exponential cost savings to clients where delays to review and approval of construction documents are reduced. In addition, mailing and shipping costs have been reduced by 14 percent.

The customer service we receive from e-PlanSoft has been second to none. When the very occasional problem is discovered, communication is immediate and the fix is usually sent to us the same day – phenomenal!”

Gary Dunger | Business Process Manager, California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD)

“e-PlanCheck integrated with the Accela Civic Platform will greatly improve our ability to serve the people of the State of Michigan by reducing the time required to process permit applications, allowing us to accept applications and payments online and using automated workflow and document distribution. We are very pleased with the results of implementing online plan review with e-PlanCheck.”

Larry Horvath, Director | Bureau of Community and Health Systems, Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)

“We very much look forward to the next stage of electronic document review with our e-PlanCheck implementation and the new integration with Accela. The e-PlanSoft staff and support are top notch and super responsive, and the integration with Accela’s existing workflow and document system is a wonder. This integration marks the next step in the service we provide to our citizens.”

Aaron Nance | Technology Services Supervisor, Kern County Planning Department, Kern County, California


“e-PlanCheck is vital for the future of plan review. With electronic submissions becoming the norm, let’s eliminate the paper and go directly to online project review.”

Charles “Russ” Russell, CBO, Vice President, VCA Code, VCA Code is a California-based consulting company that has been offering plan check, inspection and green building compliance services to city and county permit agencies for 35 years. Russ is President of the ICC Orange Empire Chapter and serves on the Green Building Code Committee and the Fire Life Safety Committee.

“We are very excited to be working with e-PlanSoft. These SaaS products are easy to use and a must-have for planning and designing in the AEC industry!”

Mo Mansouri | President of Kelar Pacific, LLC, For thirty years, Kelar Pacific has focused on providing complete project solutions to customers, from pre-development to redevelopment. Kelar Pacific endeavors to provide outstanding, personalized customer service.The team specializes in project solutions specific to Building Information Modeling (BIM), Cloud computing services, Project Management consulting and Computer Aided Design (CAD). Kelar Pacific takes pride in staying on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, making them a valuable partner for AEC projects.

Owen Group

“Henrikson Owen utilizes e-PlanReview web-based software in our reviews and love that the annotated plans provide ready reference to the drawing element that is the subject of each comment.”

Steve Hooper, P.E. | Henrikson Owen & Associates, Henrikson Owen & Associates is a mechanical, electrical, plumbing commissioning and energy engineering company that provides a full range of engineering services from studies and design to permitting and construction assistance. Specializing in energy, mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering and commissioning services, Henrikson Owen & Associates has been providing comprehensive energy and building design services for nearly 30 years. Projects involve new construction, design-build, modernization, remodel, rehabilitation, ADA compliance, seismic and structural, commissioning, fire, life & safety compliance, safety & technology upgrades and air conditioning upgrades.

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